NetNewsWire for iOS Public TestFlight

If you’d like to help test NetNewsWire 6 for iOS, please sign up on TestFlight while using an iPhone or iPad.

Note that NetNewsWire requires iOS 13 or newer.


TestFlight includes ways to send bug reports and crash logs — please use those.

You’re also encouraged to join the Slack group. Once you’re in, join the #nnw-ios-feedback channel. This is a great place for questions, observations, and feedback — and to get to know other members of the NetNewsWire community.

You can also file bugs and feature requests on our bug tracker at GitHub. It’s super-helpful when you do!

Help Book

The NetNewsWire 5 manual is online. If you have questions about how to do things, that’s the first place to look. We’re working on a new manual for NetNewsWire 6.