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MacMagazine 11 March 2020
‎Uma década depois, leitor de RSS NetNewsWire volta ao iOS


AppleVis 10 March 2020
‎NetNewsWire: RSS Reader


MacStories 9 March 2020
NetNewsWire for iOS and iPadOS Review: The Perfect Complement to the App’s macOS Counterpart 9 March 2020
NetNewsWire: Feedreader-Urgestein kommt auf iPhone und iPad


iGeneration 9 March 2020
RSS : NetNewsWire fait aussi son retour sur iOS


Cult of Mac 9 March 2020
NetNewsWire is reborn on iOS


V2EX 9 March 2020
NetNewsWire 5 在 App Store 发布


t3n 9 March 2020
RSS-Reader Netnewswire ist zurück: Kostenloser Feedreader für iOS und iPad


9to5Mac 23 February 2020
Five staple iPhone apps that I use each day [Video]


CSS-Tricks 20 January 2020
NetNewsWire and Feedbin


WordPress Tavern 30 August 2019
NetNewsWire 5.0 RSS Reader Rebuilt from Scratch, Now Free and Open Source


Macwelt 29 August 2019
RSS-Reader NetNewsWire 5.0 jetzt verfügbar


Daring Fireball 29 August 2019
NetNewsWire 5.0


The Sweet Setup 29 August 2019
NetNewsWire 5.0 Relaunches as an Open-Source RSS Reader for the Mac


Beautiful Pixels 29 August 2019
NetNewsWire Returns as a Free & Open Source RSS Reader for Mac with Version 5.0 27 August 2019
Neuer RSS-Reader: NetNewsWire 5 ist fertig


MacStories 26 August 2019
NetNewsWire Review: The Mac RSS Client, Rebooted with a Solid Foundation for the Future


9to5Mac 26 August 2019
Powerful Mac RSS reader NetNewsWire now out of beta, free to use


AAPL Ch. 26 August 2019
Safari機能拡張やダークモード、フォルダ/アカウントOPML管理、串刺し検索機能などを備えたオープンソースのMac用RSSリーダー「NetNewsWire v5.0」がリリース。