NetNewsWire 6.1 for Mac Help

Manage and Use Article Themes

Article Themes in NetNewsWire can change how articles are rendered in NetNewsWire. They can change the layout, colors, fonts, and other attributes of an article. They don’t typically change the content of an article.

NetNewsWire includes several Article Themes, but you can add other themes from other users. Make sure that the theme ends in .nnwtheme. Older versions of NetNewsWire included support for styles which have a different suffix and are incompatible with new version of NetNewsWire.

Change the Theme

It is easy to change which theme you are currently using. Just go to Preferences and in the General tab, change the Article Theme. The currently viewed article will update to show the new Theme.

Add a Theme Using a URL

Themes can be distributed by Theme developers over the web. All they have to do is provide a special link to the Theme. When the link is clicked NetNewsWire will ask you to confirm if you want to install the Theme. It’s that simple!

Add a Theme Manually

You may acquire a theme by downloading it, creating it, or having it shared with you. Typically the Theme will be in a Zip file. Unzip the Theme to a convenient location. Just double-click the unzipped file and confirm if you want to install it.

Delete a Theme

To delete a Theme you need to first show it in the Finder. Go to Preferences and in the General tab click the Open Themes Folder button. This will open a Finder window that shows all your installed Themes. Just delete it from the Finder and NetNewsWire will immediately see it has been deleted.

Make a Theme

If you have some basic skill with HTML and CSS you can customize or create your own theme. You would typically start by copying another Theme and then changing it. Just use the Open Themes Folder button to open Finder in the correct location. Duplicate the Theme you would like to start with, rename it, and then use Show Package Contents to see the contents of the Theme. You can now edit the Theme using your favorite text editor.

The Themes Technote is a must read if you want to create or customize themes.