NetNewsWire 6.1 for Mac Help

Learn how to subscribe to feeds

We’re fans of, an open microblogging platform.

Because it’s built on open web standards like RSS, apps like NetNewsWire can also provide a window into the content there.

Subscribe to your own timeline

To use NetNewsWire to read the posts that appear in your timeline (not your posts), use this feed format:

If your username is sienna, then you’d subscribe to:

Subscribe to another user’s timeline

You can use the same format to subscribe to someone else’s timeline.

Again, this is not their posts (for that see below), but the posts from people they follow. For example, if you want to read the same timeline as Miraz Jordan reads, subscribe to:

Subscribe to a user’s posts

To read the posts made to a single feed, you use a slightly different feed address:

So if you want to keep up with what Miraz is posting to her own blog, subscribe to:

Subscribe to other feeds

There’s a lot happening at It’s no surprise they offer feeds to let you keep up with the community there.

Posts in the Discover section of are categorized using emoji. Each of those has a separate feed as well:

You’ll need to know the word which corresponds to an emoji, so consult the Discover emoji list, but they’re pretty obvious. Like cats:

Learn more

Learn how to subscribe to other kinds of feeds: