NetNewsWire 6 for Mac Help

NetNewsWire keyboard shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to read and navigate the NetNewsWire interface. Most don’t require Command, Option, or Control. Just press the key.

Scroll or go to next unread space
Go to next unread n or +
Toggle read status r or u
Mark all as read k
Mark older articles as read o
Mark all as read, go to next unread l
Mark as unread, go to next unread m
Toggle starred status s
Open in browser b or or Enter
Previous subscription a
Next subscription z
Feed list
Collapse , or ⌥ ←
Expand . or ⌥ →
Collapse All (except for group items) ; or ⌥⌘ ←
Expand All ' or ⌥⌘ →
Move focus to headlines
Move focus to subscriptions
Move focus to detail
Article view
Move focus to article list timeline

Learn more

You can see a full list of NetNewsWire’s keyboard shortcuts in the app. Choose Help › Keyboard Shortcuts in the menu bar.