NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Use the Today, All Unread, and Starred smart feeds

You can use the Today, All Unread, and Starred smart feeds to see articles from all your feeds that meet certain criteria.


The Today smart feed will show you articles published in the past day. It’s not strictly “today”, but the past 24 hours or so.

This feed is a great for scanning. You can look through the article titles, images and previews to look for something you definitely want to read.

If you subscribe to news sites, you can quickly get caught up reading through the headlines.

All Unread

The All Unread smart feed shows you all articles that are unread.

Remember that you don’t have to read everything. You can use the Unread smart feed to quickly clear out all old unread articles. Choose Article › Mark All as Read (⌘K) if you’re ever feeling stressed about “catching up” on your reading.


Any article you mark as Starred will appear in this list. Stars can mean anything you want, but you may want to use them to mark: