NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Add feeds in Safari using the Subscribe to Feed extension

You can use the NetNewsWire Subscribe to Feed button to add the feed for a site from Safari without copying and pasting the address.

An screenshot of Safari’s toolbar with the “Subscribe to Feed” button circled.

If the Subscribe to Feed button isn’t in the Safari toolbar, turn it on:

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Choose Safari and then Preferences… (⌘,) from the menu bar.
  3. Click Extensions, then turn on Subscribe to Feed.

A screenshot of Safari’s Extensions preferences, with the “Subscribe to Feed” extension circled.

Get help

If you can’t click the Subscribe to Feed button, it wasn’t able to find any feeds automatically. Not all sites have feeds, but you may be able to find a link to one on the site. Find the RSS, Atom or JSON feed link for the site and add it to NetNewsWire manually.