NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Go through your articles

NetNewsWire has lots of keyboard shortcuts to make it easy for you to go through your articles. NetNewsWire’s shortcuts are special because you usually only need to press a single key.

Press space bar to scroll and go to next unread

When you’re reading, press space to scroll the article. When you’re at the end of an article, press space again to go to the next unread article.

Jump to the next unread article

To go to the next unread article from anywhere, press n. To mark the current article as unread and then go to the next unread article, use m instead.

Move around the interface to read at will

Press or (Left and Right Arrow keys) to move between the three panes in the NetNewsWire interface: the subscriptions list (left sidebar), articles list timeline (center pane) and the article detail pane (right).

In the subscription and article lists, use the Up and Down Arrow keys to change the currently selected item.

Mark as read or unread

Press the r or u keys to toggle an article as read or unread.

Learn more

There are even more keyboard shortcuts in NetNewsWire. Choose Help › Keyboard Shortcuts from the menu bar to see the list in the app.