NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Use the On My Mac account

The On My Mac account requires no additional service or software. It’s just you, your subscriptions and NetNewsWire.

With an On My Mac account, NetNewsWire keeps your subscription list and takes care of fetching feeds. It also keeps track of what items you’ve read or not.

On My Mac account information does not sync to any other location. If you use more than one Mac or an iOS device, you’ll have to set up feeds and folders on each device yourself.

Tip You can also use NetNewsWire with a syncing service like Feedbin or Feedly.

Refreshing On My Mac feeds

The feeds in the On My Mac account will be refreshed automatically whenever you open NetNewsWire. If left open, NetNewsWire will refresh your feeds every hour, or according to the schedule you set in Preferences.

If you don’t use the On My Mac account

If you only use a syncing account with NetNewsWire, you may want to hide or disable the On My Mac account.

Hide the On My Mac account

To hide the On My Mac account, place the mouse over the On My Mac listing in the sidebar and click Hide.

Turn off the On My Mac account

You can turn off the On My Mac account in the NetNewsWire preferences:

  1. Choose NetNewsWire › Preferences… (⌘,) from the menu bar.
  2. Click Accounts and choose On My Mac.
  3. Turn off Active.

You’ll no longer see the On My Mac account in the NetNewsWire sidebar.