NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Sharing to other apps

When you’re reading an interesting article, you may feel compelled to share it with a friend, to your blog or to a social media account. NetNewsWire works with macOS Share Extensions so you can share articles with other apps on your Mac.

A screenshot of NetNewsWire’s toolbar, calling out the Share button.

To share an article, use the Share button on the NetNewsWire toolbar, or Control-click on the article in the timeline and choose Share. Information about the article, its URL, title and content will be passed on to the receiving app.

Sharing with friends and family

Both the Mail and Messages apps provide share extensions that NetNewsWire can use for sharing. You can even use AirDrop!

Sharing to blogs and micro blogs

You may want to share what you’ve read – and your thoughts – even wider.


For sharing to your WordPress, Blogger and other blogging platforms, you can use MarsEdit. It’s a sister application to NetNewsWire and we think it’s great. When you share from NetNewsWire, MarsEdit starts a new post pre-filled with the article you were reading.

Another app and service we love is, a social network built on open web technologies. (Like RSS!)

With the app, it’s even easier to share and publish your thoughts. The app will start a new post with a Markdown link, ready for you to share.

What if my app isn’t in the Share menu?

You may have an app that doesn’t appear in the Share menu. This could be because the app doesn’t provide a share extension. It may do, though!

A screenshot of the macOS Share menu showing the “More…” item highlighted.

Click the Share button again and choose More… to browse the list of available apps in System Preferences. If you find your app, select its checkbox so it will appear in the Share menu, then try again in NetNewsWire.