NetNewsWire 5 for Mac Help

Keyboard shortcuts

NetNewsWire’s interface is easily navigable using keyboard shortcuts.

The most useful shortcuts are for reading articles: space to scroll articles and jump to the next unread one, or n to jump immediately to the next unread article. There’s also b to open the article in your browser, but the Return or Enter keys work too.

In-app list of keyboard shortcuts

A comprehensive list of NetNewsWire’s keyboard shortcuts is always accessible to you in NetNewsWire. Just choose HelpKeyboard Shortcuts in the menu bar.

The list opens in a separate window. You could even leave it open to remind you of the keys to press. You’ll be a NetNewsWire keyboard magician in no time.

Do I need to use the Command key?

No, the Command (⌘) key isn’t used for these keyboard shortcuts – just press the key by itself. Some have alternatives using the Command key, though.

NetNewsWire’s keyboard shortcuts

Many keyboard shortcuts work everywhere in the app, no matter where you last clicked and what’s in focus and selected.

Everywhere in NetNewsWire
Scroll or go to next unread space
Go to next unread n or +
Toggle read status r or u
Mark all as read k
Mark older articles as read o
Mark all as read, go to next unread l
Mark as unread, go to next unread m
Toggle starred status s
Open in browser b or or Enter
Previous subscription a
Next subscription z

The following shortcuts only apply depending on the current focus (where your current selection is, or the area where you last clicked).

Feed list
Collapse , or ⌥ ←
Expand . or ⌥ →
Collapse All (except for group items) ; or ⌥⌘ ←
Expand All ' or ⌥⌘ →
Move focus to headlines
Article list timeline
Move focus to subscriptions
Move focus to detail
Article detail
Move focus to article list timeline

Theandsymbols are the Left and Right Arrow keys on your keyboard.