NetNewsWire 5 for iPhone and iPad Help

Add feeds using the Share Extension

NetNewsWire provides a Share Extension which allows you to subscribe to a site’s feed from within other apps.

Add a subscription using the Share button

  1. Tap the Share button to open the Share menu.

  2. Tap the NetNewsWire icon. You may need to scroll and tap More to find it.

A screenshot of the iOS share sheet with the NetNewsWire icon visible.

  1. If you want, rename the feed and choose where to save it.

A screenshot of the add feed dialog in the iOS share sheet.

  1. Tap Add Feed.

NetNewsWire will then look at the web page, locate its feed address and add it to your subscription list. The next time you open NetNewsWire, your new feed will be there.

If the Share Extension can’t find a feed

Some sites may not have a feed available, or may not list the feed address in an expected way. In either case, NetNewsWire won’t be able to add the feed automatically.

You may be able to find a link to a feed by browsing the site. Look for a link to an RSS, Atom or JSON feed. If one exists, you can copy the address and add it to NetNewsWire directly.

If you can’t find a feed at all, you may not be able to subscribe to the site. Consider writing to the web site author or administrator to request they add one.