NetNewsWire 5 for iPhone and iPad Help

How to go through your articles in NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is designed to make reading fast, easy and natural. These are some of the different ways to go through your articles.

Next Unread

The Next Unread button helps you move effortlessly between articles and feeds.

Tap the Next Unread button and no matter where you are, you will see the next unread item. It doesn’t matter if it’s in another feed, it opens it straightaway.

This is a great way to zip through your articles, stopping to read what you’re interested in.

Swipe to go to next

You can also swipe horizontally on an article to go to the next, or previous, article in the timeline.

Reader View

Some web sites only publish extracts of their full articles. Reader View will try to fetch the full article text for you so you can keep reading in NetNewsWire. It can even get images.

Tap Reader View to turn it on.

If you see the Reader View error icon, NetNewsWire wasn’t able to fetch the site. Tap on the article headline to visit the article on the web.

Full-screen mode

Sometimes you may want to fully immerse yourself into an article. Use full-screen mode to remove distractions as you read.

On iPhone

Turn on Read in Full Screen in Settings.

You can also turn on full-screen mode while viewing an article by tapping at the top of the screen. Tap again to turn it off.

On iPad

Tap Full Screen to turn on full-screen mode on iPad. Tap the back button to leave full-screen mode.

Use an attached keyboard

When using your iOS device with a keyboard connected, you can navigate using the space bar, just like with the macOS version of NetNewsWire.

If you’re reading an article that can be scrolled, pressing space bar will scroll it – like in Safari and other apps. When you get to the end of the article, pressing the space bar will take you to the next unread.

Tip There are many more useful keyboard shortcuts to use when you’ve got a keyboard connected to your device.