NetNewsWire 5 for iPhone and iPad Help

Local accounts: On My iPhone and On My iPad

A local account – On My iPhone or On My iPad – is the simplest way to use NetNewsWire. Using a local account requires no additional service or software, just NetNewsWire. It’s totally free.

Local accounts don’t sync

On My iPhone and On My iPad account data does not sync to any other location. It works best for people who only read NetNewsWire feeds on one device, or want to keep separate subscription lists on different devices.

If you want everything synced across devices, you can use NetNewsWire with a syncing service like Feedbin or Feedly, too.

Deactivate the On My iPhone or On My iPad account

If you only use a syncing account with NetNewsWire, you may want to deactivate the local account. You can do it in NetNewsWire’s settings, or simply from the Feeds list:

  1. Touch and hold the On My iPhone or On My iPad group on the Feeds screen
  2. Choose Deactivate from the menu

You’ll no longer see the account in the Feeds list, and its feeds won’t be refreshed.

How local accounts are refreshed

If you have turned off Background App Refresh in System Settings, your feeds will be refreshed when you open the app. Otherwise, NetNewsWire will check for new articles throughout your day and at times you’re likely to open NetNewsWire.