NetNewsWire 5 for iPhone and iPad Help

Be notified of new articles

NetNewsWire for iOS and iPadOS can notify you when it gets new articles for your favorite or most important feeds.

This feature works for individual feeds, so you don’t have to turn it on for everything – just those you want to know about first.

Turn notifications on or off

From the Feeds screen, touch and hold on the feed and choose Get Info. Turn on or turn off “Notify About New Articles” and tap Done.

Turn off all notifications and badges

You can turn off all of NetNewsWire’s notifications at once in the Settings app. Tap the Settings button on the Feeds screen and tap “Open System Settings”.

How quickly will I be notified?

You are notified when NetNewsWire downloads the article. iOS suggests the best times for NetNewsWire to check for new articles based on when you often open the app.

If you want notifications sooner, Feedbin makes Feedbin Notifier, a notification app for use with their service. It notifies you as soon as Feedbin knows about a new item.