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Sharing to other apps

When you’re reading an interesting article, you may feel compelled to share it with a friend, to your blog, or to a social media account. Tap the Share button when you’re reading an article.

You can share to a wide variety of apps installed on your device.

Sharing to

You may want to share what you’ve read – and your thoughts – even wider.

We love, a social network built on open web technologies, like RSS.

With the app, it’s even easier to share and publish your thoughts. The app will start a new post with a Markdown link, ready for you to share.

What if my app isn’t in the Share menu?

When the share panel opens, you may not find the app you’re looking for. Here are some things to try:

If you still can’t find it, the app you want to use may not accept shared items – at least not in a way that NetNewsWire can send them.

The one option that should always work is copy and paste. From the share panel, tap on Copy and then paste the URL into the destination app.